City Under Fire


So, what have you learned

Mmk, so you made it back to the Mage Tower.

  • Picard is arrested (by authorities within the mage’s guild, not Paladins from the city). His alleged crime? The murder of Patrick Stewart’s Daughter, Anel.
    * A sense motive check revealed he believed he was lying when confessing to the crime.
  • You head off to speak with Patrick Stewart. He informs you that you have been gone for 8 days. (Time in the library
  • In that time a Fire Portal has taken hold in a portion of town. Fire Elemental have been pouring out and burning everything in their path. We are working on a way to keep them at bay.
  • Patrick Stewart: I need time to prepare and study this research, perhaps you can help out with Controlling the waves of fire elementals spreading throughout the city?

Rewriting History: Ignore the whole shopping list questy thing. I find it boring and BS. But if you want to do a hunty gathery questy thingy, we can make it happen.

Matters of note: Stewart has the Nail of Sealing, and Picards Research. There is still an Ethereal Marauder unaccounted for.



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