City Under Fire

Study Time

Travel into the Library and make it back.....if you can

Quest: Find Picard’s Research

You journeyed through the Great Library. The Library Exists in extra-dimensional Space, or a demi-plane if you will. It became unstable and cracks of the Elemental Plane of Fire and Ethereal Plane began to manifest inside the library allowing creatures to travel from their respective plane and enter the Library. Who knows what knowledge was acquired.

You found the research you sought after to allow Patrick Stewart to attempt to control the dimensional cracks found throughout the city.

You discovered the missing wizard Picard, a Planar Master. He knows all things about Planes, dimensions, transportation, and all related studies. He had supposedly been missing for quite some time.

Misc. Abberations and Elementals.
A Fire-Halfling, no known motivation or Name. Status: Retreated back to plane of fire.
A Ghost Spellcaster, had a grudge against Picard for some unknown Reason. Status: Dead

Various Treasure Tables and XP
Nail of Sealing, can close shut any manifestation of inter-planar/dimensional travel



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