City Under Fire

So, what have you learned

Mmk, so you made it back to the Mage Tower.

  • Picard is arrested (by authorities within the mage’s guild, not Paladins from the city). His alleged crime? The murder of Patrick Stewart’s Daughter, Anel.
    * A sense motive check revealed he believed he was lying when confessing to the crime.
  • You head off to speak with Patrick Stewart. He informs you that you have been gone for 8 days. (Time in the library
  • In that time a Fire Portal has taken hold in a portion of town. Fire Elemental have been pouring out and burning everything in their path. We are working on a way to keep them at bay.
  • Patrick Stewart: I need time to prepare and study this research, perhaps you can help out with Controlling the waves of fire elementals spreading throughout the city?

Rewriting History: Ignore the whole shopping list questy thing. I find it boring and BS. But if you want to do a hunty gathery questy thingy, we can make it happen.

Matters of note: Stewart has the Nail of Sealing, and Picards Research. There is still an Ethereal Marauder unaccounted for.

Study Time
Travel into the Library and make it back.....if you can

Quest: Find Picard’s Research

You journeyed through the Great Library. The Library Exists in extra-dimensional Space, or a demi-plane if you will. It became unstable and cracks of the Elemental Plane of Fire and Ethereal Plane began to manifest inside the library allowing creatures to travel from their respective plane and enter the Library. Who knows what knowledge was acquired.

You found the research you sought after to allow Patrick Stewart to attempt to control the dimensional cracks found throughout the city.

You discovered the missing wizard Picard, a Planar Master. He knows all things about Planes, dimensions, transportation, and all related studies. He had supposedly been missing for quite some time.

Misc. Abberations and Elementals.
A Fire-Halfling, no known motivation or Name. Status: Retreated back to plane of fire.
A Ghost Spellcaster, had a grudge against Picard for some unknown Reason. Status: Dead

Various Treasure Tables and XP
Nail of Sealing, can close shut any manifestation of inter-planar/dimensional travel

What's that Rumbling Sound?

Main Questline:

Upon arriving in Pompeii, massive earthquakes shook the city.

  • Encounter: Fire Starter
    * Fought a medium fire Elemental, that wanted nothing more than to return home.
    * HE set Several houses/shops on fire.
    Quest: Visit the Mage’s Guild
  • When and visited the mages guild, learned that Patrick Stewart was the ‘Scientist’ in charge of discovering the source of the earthquakes

Quest: Find the Wizard

  • Set out on hike to find Patrick Stewarts Campsite
  • Encounter: Random Encounters
    * Reward(s): XP + gold

* Encounter: Protect the Campsite
* Fight off several ogers
* Reward(s): XP
* Search the Campsite – Find scroll of teleportation

  • Dungeon: Enter the mountain

* Room 1: Guardian Room
* Contents, stone golem, religion check
* Encounter: Stone Golem
* Reward(s): None
* Effect Teleopt to Room 2
* Religion Result – DC 15
* Copy down marks and runes, know they are religious allegories but you do not know the context, or the meaning → Search the Library

* Room 2: Displacer Beast Maze
* Contents, big ol maze
* Encounter: Displacer Beast
* Rewards(s): NA – Skill checks failed, displacer beast not killed nor retreated

* Room 3: Roticery Bridge
* Contents, trap
* Rewards: XP

* Room 4: OPened rift
* Contents, opened portal(s) and fire elementals, and found Bev Crusher and Patrick Stewart.
* Encounter: 2 Tiny Fire Chickens, 2 SMall Fire lementas, 3 Fire Elementals, 1 Large Fire elemental
* Rewards: XP

* End Dungeon – In the mountain

End Quest – Wizard Found and escorted back

Wizard is Patrick Stewart, and his aid Beverly Crusher. When he recovers he explains that portal to the Elemental Plane of fire are popping up in town, the mountain, pretty much every where, They usually last just for a few seconds. Sometimes a creature or two will make it through, but recently the portals are sticking around and Stewart hasn’t been able to find a way to close them up.

Patrick Stewart send’s you into the Library to find Picard’s research so that he might find a way to bring stability back to the material plane.


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